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Common Experience Month in San Marcos
Mayor Susan Narvaiz names September "Common Experience Month"

San Marcos Mayor Susan Narvaiz invites residents to participate in Texas State University's annual Common Experience events this year and pay tribute to the San Marcos River as she proclaims September as “Common Experience Month” in San Marcos. With a theme of “The Water Planet: A River Runs Through Us,” the Common Experience program this year features many special events, including a San Marcos Tribute to the River in October. Celebrating the proclamation are Texas State University and City of San Marcos representatives, front row: Mayor Narvaiz, Diann McCabe, Stephanie Langenkamp, Susan Smith, Pam Wuestenberg, Susan Romanella; back row: Council Members Pam Couch, John Thomaides, Gaylord Bose, Betsy Robertson and Daniel Guerrero, and Mike Abbott and Andrew Sansom of the Texas Rivers Institute.

To view the proclamation click here (GIF).


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