Policies for Events


New requirements for Zoom-hosted online events presented as part of the Common Experience.


For any event, performance, project, or exhibition to qualify as part of the Common Experience at Texas State University, it must meet all of the requirements listed below. Approved events will be included on the Common Experience calendar. The Common Experience will assist with marketing and promotion for events in collaboration with event organizers.

Anyone planning a potential Common Experience event is encouraged to contact the director in advance to ensure suitability and to avoid scheduling conflicts with other events.


The Common Experience is Texas State's annual academic theme with related events, exhibitions, performances, workshops, activities, and initiatives. Thus, qualifying Common Experience events must relate directly to the year's theme.

The thematic requirement is waived only for events that are part of annual or ongoing collaborative partnerships with the Common Experience, intended to build community. Examples include the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, the Graduate College International Research Conference, and the Honors Research Forum. Such events appear on our calendar with a Texas star (✯) in their titles.

Path of Opportunity

Students must be able to do something after attending a Common Experience event. Common Experience events are required to present opportunities for students to both learn new information and leave with a capacity to act on that new knowledge — immediately or years later, in small ways or wide-ranging. This is a critical component of a shared experience, especially when students are able to connect personally to shape their futures. These opportunities are also keys to the success of the Common Experience at Texas State.

The path of opportunity for students must be clear in the description of any event submitted for Common Experience consideration, whether explicitly stated or distinctly implied. Submissions that do not meet this requirement will be delayed, as event organizers will be contacted for additional information.


Fine arts performances, exhibitions, and exhibits do not need to include details about a path of opportunity. Those events consist of both opportunity and engagement with the presentation itself.


All events to be considered for the Common Experience at Texas State must be submitted through the Common Experience calendar submission process. Exceptions will be made only for events presented by the Common Experience itself.

Submission Timing

We encourage event submission at least two weeks (14 days) prior to an event to allow time for review, posting, and promotion. 

Titles and Descriptions

Titles of Common Experience events should be concise. The Common Experience markets events to an audience comprised primarily of students. Event titles that are lengthy, obscure, or cryptic — as well as those with discipline-specific jargon — are unlikely to draw wider audiences. Event descriptions should be clear, with context to inform the audience about the event's subject matter, including a brief summary of any necessary background information and brief biographies of any scheduled speakers. The Common Experience reserves the right to change titles and edit event descriptions as necessary to match Texas State's editorial style guide and to reach its primary audience; event organizers will be notified if significant changes are made to titles or descriptions.

Approval Is Required

Events must be approved by the Common Experience to be labeled as Common Experience events. 

Organizers of approved events will be notified of the approval by email, phone, and/or in person.

Events that are submitted but not approved will be declined or sent back for revision / re-submission. The Common Experience may decline a submitted event without a response if the event is deemed inappropriate.


All Common Experience events must have a campus sponsor. There are no exceptions.

Qualifying campus sponsors include university divisions, colleges, departments, centers, offices, programs, initiatives, and approved student organizations.

Multiple campus sponsors may partner to present a Common Experience event. Campus sponsors may also partner with off-campus businesses and organizations (with advance approval of the Common Experience).

Speaker Policies and Criteria

Speakers appearing as participants in official Common Experience events must adhere to the policies established in Texas State University's Policy and Procedures Statements (UPPS No. 07.04.04). Also see the sections of this page on approval and sponsorship.

Speakers Sponsored by Others

All Common Experience-related speakers sponsored by other areas of the university must address the current Common Experience theme or have demonstrated expertise in a subject relevant to the Common Experience theme. Speakers must also meet any requirements established by the sponsoring divisions, colleges, departments, centers, offices, programs, initiatives, or approved student organizations. A brief biography of each speaker is required with the event submission.

Common Experience Insight Series

Insight Series events are sponsored directly by the Common Experience. All students, faculty, and staff may propose a speaker by contacting the Common Experience team. Potential speakers are reviewed and vetted by the Common Experience leadership team, and selections are made by leadership and the co-chairs of the theme. The selection process considers the following criteria:

  • speakers with expertise in a subject relevant to the Common Experience theme
  • regional, national, or international recognition
  • appeal to students
  • likelihood of attracting a sizable audience appropriate to venue
  • contribution to the university's intellectual climate
  • likelihood of encouraging community involvement 
  • speakers representing a wide range of backgrounds and interests, including culture, language, fine arts, liberal arts, science, social science, medicine, technology, business, or media

LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series

Speakers in the Lyndon B. Johnson Distinguished Lecture Series must meet criteria similar to those listed above, as well as additional requirements specific to the prominence of the series. Potential speakers are nominated and ranked via the Common Experience Committee and theme chair (or co-chairs) in multiple rounds of reviews. The LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series Committee selects the top candidates for final consideration by the university's upper administration; more details are available on the LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series website.

Off-Campus Events

Off-campus events may require additional documentation for travel, liability, or safety. Explicit approval is required for off-campus Common Experience events.

Promoting Events

Unless otherwise arranged in advance, the Common Experience and its creative staff can assist and coordinate the promotion of most one-time events. However, all marketing efforts are part of a collaborative process with event organizers, whether promotion is addressed strategically or organically.

Web Calendars

The Common Experience includes all approved events on the Texas State calendar system. All events appear on the Common Experience website calendar, as well.

Social Media | @TXSTCE

Our creative staff can assist with marketing events on Common Experience's social media channels. Additionally, the Common Experience creative staff coordinates with University Marketing to provide the best possible exposure for events.

Print Design

The Common Experience can assist with print design for posters, flyers, handbills, and/or event programs, although these are usually reserved for specific audiences. It is recommended that all promotional materials adhere to Texas State's brand guidelines.

Media Coverage

For events funded and presented directly by the Common Experience, the Common Experience leadership team will coordinate with University Communications for media releases, media accommodations at events, and interviews. We kindly request that you inform the Common Experience leadership team anytime a Common Experience event, exhibition, performance, or related activity is covered by media so that it can be included as part of our Common Experience news listings.

Our Logo

The Common Experience logo, designed in two versions by University Marketing in 2017, is intended for use by only the Common Experience and its creative staff. The logo may be made available to partners on a case-by-case basis and by special arrangement. It may not be used by other entities for any promotional items or materials, documents, videos, websites, social media, or other platforms without written permission from the Common Experience leadership team. 


The Common Experience reserves the right to edit event submissions to address issues of style, length, clarity, grammar, punctuation, spelling, or erroneous or incomplete information. Edits may also be made to improve readability or accessibility for the audience.

Accessibility and Accommodations

Promotional materials for approved events must be accessible and must include accommodation statements, and arrangements must be made at the event for anyone with a disability requiring accommodations to participate.


Promotional Materials

Materials and images used to promote events must meet all copyright requirements. For questions concerning copyrights and permissions, contact the Common Experience leadership team. 

Film Screenings

Most film screening events require movie licensing, and documented licensing agreements or documented arrangements with filmmakers are required, with only rare exceptions.

Zoom Events

Requirements for Online Events

Effective April 6, 2021, the following steps are required events presented as part of the Common Experience that are hosted on the Zoom platform:

Advance Meetings

In planning all future Zoom-hosted events, organizers/planners are required to meet in advance with a member of the Common Experience leadership team to discuss both promotion and security protocols. This requirement applies to all planners/organizers, regardless of their expertise or the length of their relationship as Common Experience partners. 

Co-Host Access

A member of the Common Experience leadership team must have co-host access to provide oversight for all events presented as “regular” Zoom meetings. This requirement does not apply to events presented as Zoom webinars.

Webinars Preferred

Whenever possible, events should be delivered as Zoom webinars, rather than Zoom meetings. Webinar requests can be made through ITAC.

Registration Needed

Regardless of delivery method (meeting or webinar), all Zoom-based events should have a registration process. Preferred platforms for registration include Zoom itself, Eventbrite, or TexasStatePresents (via the College of Fine Arts and Communication). The Common Experience has an Eventbrite registration account.

Waiting Rooms Required

All events presented as Zoom meetings must have a waiting room enabled. This requirement does not apply to events presented as Zoom webinars.