2021-2022 Common Experience


: mindful support, relief, and genuine human kindness — for others, ourselves, and our environment.

Texas State University presents an academic theme each year, providing numerous opportunities for everyone — students, faculty, staff, and community members — to share in a Common Experience.

Our Common Experience theme for the 2021-2022 academic year is Compassion. It's an academic and real-world look at who we are. We'll focus on topics such as mindfulness, support, relief, and genuine human kindness — for ourselves, for others, and for everything around us.

When you do well, you feel the spotlight.
When you do good, you illuminate the world.

This Common Experience theme focuses on compassion as a concept that unites in commitment to affect change for the better beginning with the self and expanding throughout the campus, community, country and world. With profound implications for personal wellbeing and growth, dynamic potential for application and collaboration across disciplines, and promise of deeper connection between students, faculty, staff and administration, moving toward compassion can empower our university and its members to shape lasting personal and collective change for the better on our campus and beyond.

Common Experience 2021-2022